Saturday, March 25, 2006

Reader Response

A while back a reader suggested to me that in Matthew 24:1-35 Jesus spoke of His coming at Armageddon, but that in verse 36 He changed His focus and began speaking of a pre-trib rapture due to the fact that Jesus said times would be like the times of Noah and that all would be living in peace. Most pre-trib teachers reject this view, but a few hold to it, so I thought I would post a portion of my response here. You may view the entire conversation in the comment section of this post, if you like.

I understand that you think that Jesus all of a sudden stops speaking of His coming that takes place after the abomination, and then starts talking about a pre-trib rapture in Matt. 24:36. But there is absolutely no indication for this in the text. In fact, it makes no sense at all.

Matthew 24 in orderly fashion
1. Abomination of desolation and great tribulation - v. 15, 21
2. Christ’s coming, AFTER abomination and GT – v. 29-31
3. When you see ALL these things (signs previously mentioned), He’s near - v. 32-33
4. But of THAT day and hour, no one knows – v. 36

What is “That day?” It can only be the day He’s been speaking about in the entire discourse. How could He say, “But of THAT day,” if all of a sudden He’s speaking about a day (a pre-trib rapture) that He has not previously mentioned until that point in the text? “That day MUST be the day He comes, as shown in verses 29-31.

I suggest that people will be living life as usual and getting married, eating and drinking, etc, because the reign of the beast will not be effecting them. It will be effecting us. They will have peace and safety and will be able to live life as usual because they are under the "protection" of the man of lawlessness and they are not suffering persecution like the saints will be undergoing.


Melvin W Miller said...

What do you think of this approach?


I propose the indictment and verdict of the Middle Path's Tribunal, Act Two of the Temple Drama, Seal 7, occurs between the Holocaust of Trump #6 and triumphant Coronation of Christ in Trump #7!

While I am inserting this paragraph at my website on March 28 of 2006, I also wrote in March of 2003, in Meditation #39 that Seals 6 and 7 occur between the 6th and 7th Trumpets.

My actual words were: "The armies of Plagues 6 and 7 cross the Euphrates River before Seals 6 and 7 open and all four of these events occur between the 6th and 7th Trumpets"!

If this order maintains through your own studies, there can be no Resurrection and Rapture of ALL the Saints until the Beast's armies gather to Armageddon and the 7th Trumpet sounds that:

1) "God's wrath has come" and
2) It's the "appointed time to judge the dead in Christ and to reward the prophets and saints and all who fear God, both small and great, and to destroy the destroyers of earth". Rev.11:18.

The only conclusion we can make is that the
Coronation of Christ, the First Resurrection of Rev.20:4-5 and His "gathering of of all the
Elect from earth to heaven" occur on the Day
He comes to destroy the wicked at Armageddon.

On that Day Christ will be King over all the
nations; but He will reign in heaven as well
as over the earth while the Martyrs "serve God in heaven and reign with Christ in heaven for 1000 years". Rev.20:4-5; Rev.7:14-17.

The Martyrs receive the highest possible reward
given to the Church. They will have three
names, including the name of the New Jerusalem
for 1000 years before the Holy City comes down
upon or over the New Earth. Rev.3:12.

The Lamb will lead the Martyrs into fountains
of living waters in the Temple (Rev.7:17) until the Temple no longer exists. The voice out of the Temple, as of Rev.16:17, proclaims "It is Done" on the Lastday.

One thousand years later the voice coming out of heaven, not from the Temple, but from the New Jerusalem over the earth, proclaims: "All things are Done". Rev.21:3-6. For there was no longer a temple in the New Jerusalem. Rev.21:22.

Mel Miller

Dave Bussard said...

The sixth seal taking place betweent the sixth and seventh trumpet? I think you know what I think about that, Mel. Or do you mean, "What do I think about the approach of someone posting a random topic that has nothing to do with the post, and making it pretty obvious that all they are doing is advertising their web site?"