Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Take the Poll!

Let's find out exactly who is reading this blog. Take the poll on the left side of this page and we'll see who comes here over the next week.


Darrin said...

PreWrath all the way, baby!

P.S. I'll click the little button too, but I'm tempted to click the bottom one.

PWTribune said...

Darrin, you showed great restraint! I'm guessing you're a different Darrin than the one I'm thinking of. You're not an orange mailman, are you?

The Orange Mailman said...

Hey Dave B.-

Yes, it's me, the Orange Mailman. I finally got a Google account, so my posts won't be under anonymous anymore.

BTW, the temptation to click the bottom one is because I'm not big into polls, not because of your blog, which I think is great.

Have fun and stay busy - Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

P.S. That's why you got confused, I didn't end my comment with my signature that you've become accustomed to.

PWTribune said...

Exactly. I thought it was you, but when I realized that there was no fun or business I had to wonder.

Robert said...

Prewrath since 199? . Can't remember exactly when at this moment but my convictions solidified in the mid nineties after reading Rosenthal's book .

Kathy Hall said...


As the deacon in my church who introduced me to prewrath would say, "One at a time." He told me about Rosenthal's book. It was very instrumental in leading me to truth, and Van Kampen's as well.

(Keep up the good work Dave.)

PWTribune said...

Kathy >Keep up the good work Dave.<

Thanks, and I hope to, though it's hard to get everything done in life AND to keep up writing posts that are worth reading.

And shame on you, readers. Many of you are not voting. (insert guilt trip) :)


Donna said...

Hi! I'm new to the prewrath position... in the last year...as a result of studying for myself what the Bible has to say instead of taking the easy believism road of going with a pre-trib majority. Glad to have found you!

PWTribune said...

I love hearing about new converts, Donna! Thanks for dropping by.


Wickus said...

Pre-Wrath! My ballot is signed. Thanks for this great blog Dave!