Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Official: John Hagee HAS Gone Mad!

Watch the video here. And make sure you scroll down a bit to the bottom of Alan's post to see the clear biblical passage that refutes what Hagee is claiming.


Dianalynn said...

Yes Dave, I think he has gone mad! I cannot understand how someone that claims to be a Christian can make the claims that Hagee is making. It really infuriates me because he has a lot of people that follow his teachings. Hopefully they are all smart enough to see through this crap he is now proclaiming as truth.

PWTribune said...


I stopped by the Christian bookstore today to skim the book “In Defense of Israel.” On page 136 he said, “…there is not one verse of Scripture in the new testament that says Jesus came to be Messiah.”

In the chapter that I read Hagee claimed that because it was never in God’s plan for Jesus to reign at His first coming the Jews didn’t REALLY reject Christ. He seems to think that if we say that the Jews rejected the Son we are ignoring God’s sovereign plan for His Son to die. Hagee applies this kind of thought to replacement theology and then goes on to claim that if we say that the Jews rejected the Son we are also saying that God had plan A and had to resort to plan B because of the rejection by the Jews. He said we are believing that man’s actions dictate what God does if we say the Jews rejected Jesus as Messiah! It’s as if he can’t comprehend that God can have a plan for His Son to be the sacrificial Lamb AND that this plan can coincide with the Jews rejecting the plan. It was just odd to read such short sightedness.


Alan Kurschner said...

The blatant error of Hagee is the same one that the Jewish people in the 1st Century had: The Messiah cannot be a crucified Messiah. He must only be a Ruling Messiah.

And this premise of Hageee denies the very essence of the gospel since our hope is in a crucified Messiah.

It is so amazing that Hagee denies that Jesus claimed to be the Messiah or function as Messiah given that the Gospel writers (and Paul) give numerous examples of how Jesus fulfilled messianic prophecies; not to mention the important messianic titles such as Son of Man, Son of God, Son of David, Messiah, etc.

Matt. 21:4 "This took place to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet:

Matt. 21:5“Say to the Daughter of Zion ‘See, your king comes to you, gentle and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.’”

Did they accept his King? No, they rejected him.

How does Hagee even begin to understand for example the book of Matthew's messianic role at his first coming and the prophecies that were fulfilled? Or the condemnations of rejection in Matthew 22-23?

"So Jesus said, “When you lift up the Son of Man,[i.e. reject him] then you will know that I am He [Messiah]" John 8:28b

One wonders how this will play with the elders of his church. How does one proclaim the gospel if they do not have a crucified messiah? Truly amazing.

"but we preach Christ [Messiah] crucified" 1Cor. 1:23b

PWTribune said...

Great points, Alan. And as I skimmed the book it appeared as though Hagee taught that in order for Jesus to be the Messiah He would have had to have been a LIVING Messiah, as in continuing to live and not crucified. It seems as though Hagee thinks that because the Jews expected a "living" Messiah that Jesus was not the Messiah. What I read was absurd, but I want to make it clear that I did not read the whole book, so I don't want to speak dogmatically about all of his beliefs. But again, what I read was pretty bad and I will not waste my time on the entire book because of it. I hope other readers can pick up on his missteps.

Alan Kurschner said...

Make no bones about it, I will tell you what this is really about. Hagee is being politically correct and ingratiating himself in the post-evangelical New Tolerance.

So Hagee has lined himself up against the New Testament writers to be politically correct by not affirming that Jesus claimed and functioned--and died!--as Messiah.

It is sad given that numerous early church believers were persecuted because they claimed that Jesus was the Messiah, beginning with Stephen's martyrdom.

Alan Kurschner said...


I am sure you will not find this verse in Hagee's book since it undermines his thesis,

"Was there ever a prophet your fathers did not persecute? They even killed those who predicted the coming of the Righteous One. And now you have betrayed and murdered him" Acts 7:52

Alan Kurschner said...

It is worse than I thought. This explains it all:

PWTribune said...

Wow. Thanks.

Robert said...

Thanks for your comments Alan ! If I were Hagee I would really be worried of my salvaltion . I've told my wife for years that were going to have a big surprise at the judgement seat of Christ Jesus . Many who have "great ministry's " and are big names may not even a personal relationship with our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ . What comes out of the mouth of Hagee and Schuller and such speaks volumes ! Dave I decided to add some input not just read your blog !

PWTribune said...


I agree that I think we will be surprised at who will be proven true and false. Every once in a while I think about how cool it will be see to those in heaven that we didn't expect to be there.

And thanks for posting on my blog! I could use some input, especially during this busy spell when I may not post as much as I would like to.

And thank you, too, Alan. Great thoughts. Sometimes I wish your blog had the option of posting, but I completely understand why you don't.


Dianalynn said...

Dave, It doesnt sound like Hagee came up with this idea from reading the Bible. I just truly dont understand how a person can read the Gospel, teach it, and follow it and then turn his back on it. I am also surprised that a Christian bookstore would sell this book when it spouts lies against our God!

Oh and by the way I will try and post on your blog as much as I can. Jesse told me you said I should! I am not good with words or quoting scripture though and wouldnt want to sound like and idiot! ha ha ha

PWTribune said...

>I am also surprised that a Christian bookstore would sell this book when it spouts lies against our God!<

Have you been to a "Christian"bookstore lately (Wellspring)? They will sell almost anything...if it will make them money. They made money from my book and I couldn't get them to pay me! I gave up after 2 years and decided I just wouldn't place anymore of my books with them.

And if you are worried about sounding stupid, don't worry. Nobody knows who you are but me, and I already know. :o) But seriously, thanks for stopping by, and I'm praying for your family as you go through tough times.


Dianalynn said...

I had know idea about Wellspring. I really dont shop there very much and I guess I wont be anymore.

Thank you for your prayers, it means alot. I feel really blessed to be apart of our church body. I know once we come out on the other side of this storm God will have proven himself faithful!

Alan Kurschner said...

He digs himself even deeper:

ULMOne said...

Ok, have any of you actually even read the whole book? Or are you just making assumptions of what you have heard from that video? All I see is comments of you skimming the book. While you skimmed the book you took passages out and used them against Hagee. Did you read the surrounding passages? Taking a single passage out of context will not show you the whole meaning the author was conveying about the passage. John Hagee know his stuff. He knows what he's talking about. Do you??

Anonymous said...

Hagee has been tainted by the easy money given to him by those too ignorant to spot a fraud. This blasphemy is what comes from being to lazy to search the truth out for oneself. Hagee is so full of hot air I am waiting for him to pop.