Monday, November 12, 2007

Future Topic

I’m going to try to give a brief overview of certain end time events as described by Daniel over the next couple of months. The main issues I will be addressing will be the beast empires, who they were/are, what will take place with the final empire and how Daniel’s vision correlates with Revelation concerning these beasts. I presently have a plan in my head but we will just have to wait and see what transpires in the coming months.

I’ve been very busy lately and may not be posting as much as I should, but have patience. I have not imminently disappeared.


Raul Delgado said...

Whew!!! I thought you had been raptured Dave and the rest of us were left behind. No, but seriously, I'm glad that you resurfaced.

Robert said...

Dave , I'm looking forward to your study . I'm finishing " Antichrist Islam Awaited Messiah " by Joel Richardson (pen name ) . Very intersting and a real eye opener ! I would also recommend "Farewell Israel :Bush Iran and the REvolt of Islam " DVD from HIGHWAY 61 ENTERTAINMENT . It has a really good overview of Islam and what it really all about ( meshes well with Richardson's book ) .