Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Old Thoughts Revisited

I've received a lot of e-mail about my article where I compared Matthew 24 and Luke 21, and as I've watched my stat counter I've noticed a ton of people reading it within the last month even though the piece is from January of 2006 (why very few of you leave comments, I don't know...eh hem). Plus, it's one of my favorite posts because of all of the details, scripture analysis, and time that went into the project.

Because of these three things I thought that I would post a link for it again to make sure that everyone knows it's here. If you would like to know why I think that Matthew 24 and Luke 21 are not referring to the same events, and that one speaks of 70 AD while the other is entirely futuristic in content, click here. I think it goes against what a lot of people think and teach, but I also think you will agree with me if you read the entire article.

It's a fairly long, three part article, but I think it shows an interesting detail within the Bible that displays just how fantastic the study of prophecy can be, and how fun it is when things piece together while searching for answers. Give it a read if you have a 15 or 20 minutes to spare.

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