Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Big Lie?

Thomas Ice is the executive director of the PreTrib Research Center in Washington D.C. The Research Center was founded a few years ago by Tim LaHaye and Thomas Ice to research, teach, proclaim, and defend pre-tribulationism. Look for a moment at what Thomas Ice has to say about the people who go against the pre-trib doctrine:
The Big Lie
"One of the things that facilitated the Nazi rise to power in Germany earlier this century was their propaganda approach called "The Big Lie." If you told a big enough lie often enough, then the people would come to believe it. This the Nazis did well. This is what anti-pre-tribulationists like John Bray and Dave MacPherson have done over the last 25 years."

I find it very ironic that this is what's being claimed. Isn't it the pre-trib doctrine that's been repeatedly proclaimed from the rooftops? Isn't it the pre-trib doctrine that's been accepted by many without question because of majority rule in evangelical Christendom? What does it take to motivate someone like Ice to say something this absurd? As a pre-tribber, are you encouraged to have Thomas Ice as one of your main advocates?


Anonymous said...

Your April 4 blog (The Big Lie?) which discusses Thomas Ice's false charge against non-pretribs is most timely. If anyone types in "Powered by Christ Ministries" he will find under "Link to other recent news stories" a new item titled "Thomas Ice (Bloopers)" which demonstrates that sloppy, unscholary Ice isn't qualified to even try to discuss the rapture issue simply because of numerous errors he made (you've got to see them) while copying Margaret Macdonald's brief "vision" account! (Your great blog, BTW, really covers the waterfront!) B.N.

Anonymous said...

The "Powered by Christ Ministries" I mentioned a moment ago should be typed in on engines like Google. B.N.

Anonymous said...

Quote by Dave "As a pre-tribber, are you encouraged to have Thomas Ice as one of your main advocates?"

I know I'm encouraged!

Have fun and stay busy - Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

Katherine Hall said...

You are a great prewrath apologist Dave. I see myself as more of a "cuttin it straight" kinda prewrather. A comment on Joel's blog inspired a new post for me. I linked your great Revelation chart also.