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Armageddon and More

On a forum a few weeks ago an individual asked a friend the following question:

“Why does pre-wrath teach that the bowls of God’s wrath take place for 30 days after the 70th Week (including Armageddon), and what is the 45 days you claim that follow the 30 days?”


At Daniel 12:11-12, we see:
1. There will be 1290 days from the midpoint of the week; from the time that the abomination is set up. That is 30 days after the end of the 2nd half of the week, which is 1260 days.
2. v. 12, how happy is the one who reaches to the 1335 days. This is 45 days more after the 30 days.

Now: to correlate this with the book of Revelation. The prince who is to come (antichrist) breaks the covenant at the midpoint of the week, and places the abomination in the sanctuary. He begins his reign with 3 1/2 years left in the 70th week. Revelation tells us that his reign will be for 42 months.

Persecuted Israel (the woman of Rev. 12) is given protection in the wilderness for 1260 days.
The testimony of the 2 witnesses begins at the same time, for they are granted 1260 days to testify. The completed “official” reign of the beast brings us to the end of the 70th week; the end of the 3 1/2 years.

The completed testimony of the 2 witnesses brings us to the end of the week; the end of the 1260 days. Daniel is told that the end of these things that he has seen (the facts concerning the evil dictator) will be in 3 1/2 years; that is, in 1260 days. However, Dan. 12:11 tells us that the abomination will be in place for 1290 days; 30 days longer; or 30 days BEYOND the end of the week.

After the witnesses complete their testimony, 1260 days will have passed. That will be the end of the 70th week, and the end of the “official” reign of the antichrist.

After the 1260 days of the testimony by 2 witnesses, they are killed and lay in the street for 3 1/2 days. These days are AFTER the 1260, and are the first 4 days of the 30 days that follow the 1260 (the 1290). After the witnesses are removed from the earth, the 7th trumpet sounds which officially announces that the 70th week has come to an end; Ie, Christ has begun to reign.

BUT - the beast is still alive.
BUT - the abomination is still in the sanctuary.
AND - there are still the bowl judgments to be poured out.

That leaves only 26 1/2 days until the abomination will be removed. The bowl judgments take place during this time BECAUSE they follow the 7th trumpet. Armageddon is connected with the 6th and 7th bowl judgments. It is at Armageddon that the beast is destroyed and thrown in the lake. It would also be at this time that the abomination is removed.

Then the rest of humanity need to be evaluated and the unbelievers separated from the believers, so that the believers can go into the Messiah’s earthly kingdom. This evaluation takes place over the next 45 days. That is why it says, HAPPY are those who attain to the 1335 days. These are believers who remain alive and become the citizens of Messiah’s earthly kingdom, populating the various nations in which they live (Gentiles), and the Jews of course, in palestine. Is this a bit clearer?

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