Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Tribune’s Purpose

It’s my desire that this blog be a safe place where friends can send their friends and feel comfortable knowing that they will not be insulted. There are countless individuals within the American church system that “know” that the pre-trib theory is Biblical simply because everyone in their environment has told them that it is. The Pre-wrath Tribune is dedicated to objecting to this conclusion, and is committed to presenting teachings that demonstrate why environmental majority is not necessarily the best place to receive doctrine.

Top Five Purposes of The Pre-wrath Tribune:

1. To help those adhering to the pre-tribulation rapture theory understand why many believe the theory is not based on biblical evidence.

2. To help those who already hold to a pre-wrath or post-trib belief. To present, clarify, and articulate reasons for what they already know to be true so that they can, in turn, better articulate it to their friends.

3. To present and simplify the pre-wrath position and topics pertaining to, but not limited to, the study of prophecy.

4. To advance the truth about Christ’s return in these important times and to create thought that broadens our view of God so that we may know Him more fully (there is much more involved in the study of prophecy than the simple issue of the timing of His return).

5. To stick it to The Man.*

Certainly somebody, somewhere, will get mad while visiting The Pre-wrath Tribune, but in my years of debating this subject I have come to conclude that this is, at times, unavoidable. All I can do is my best. Join me, invite your friends, link the Tribune to your site, and help advance the cause. Have fun, post a lot, and come back often.


*The Man — The invisible puppeteer operating the strings. The entity with the power; with influence. The one with the ability to hold you back and keep you down in your attempt to pursue spiritual growth and biblical understanding. He is the 21st century American religious system; the Left Behind phenomenon; the Papacy; the dispensational system established in the 1800's; the extreme, hyper-zealous Religious Right movement; etc.


Recovering said...

You're the man (lower case)!

slaveofone said...

I am curious to know if you have studied N.T. Wright's "New Testament and the People of God" and "Jesus and the Victory of God" and if so, what is your reaction to the eschatalogical things he argues and backs up with his critical-historical analysis?

Dave Bussard said...

No, I haven't, slaveofone. Never even heard of him. If you want to ask a specific question pertaining to the arguments he presents, please do. Or if you want to offer one of his arguments, I'd like to hear it.