Friday, January 13, 2006

The Biggest Sign Not Mentioned?

In Matthew 24 the disciples want to know the sign of Christ's coming, and essentially, when He will come. Jesus then gives them the signs they will need in order to know when His coming is near (verse 33). If His answer was for Israel/the Jewish nation that is left behind after a pre-trib rapture, as pre-trib claims, wouldn’t the best sign for the Jews be millions of people miraculously disappearing? Why isn’t this sign mentioned even once in Matthew 24, or anywhere, before the seals of Revelation take place?


Travis said...

wow... thats a great observation; I've never thought of that!
Good post!

Dave Bussard said...

I didn't think about it until quite a few years after rejecting pre-trib. It just hit me one day. Duh.

DBULL said...

I've never met a Dave I did'nt like :-)

"wouldn’t the best sign for the Jews be millions of people miraculously disappearing?"

All the signs pointing to the second coming are contained in the tribulation period. A "pretrib" rapture is before the tribulation period.

Dave Bussard said...

And millions of people vanishing into thin air in a pre-trib rapture isn't a HUGE, even bigger sign, than the signs Jesus mentioned in Matt 24? Think about it more than you are.