Saturday, May 20, 2006

Off Topic: Da Vinci Hype

I’m not sure if it’s just the way the media is portraying it, or if it’s the majority of our public Christian “leaders” dominating the issue as usual, but it's made to appear as if Christians are “up in arms,” and that Christ followers across the U.S. are demanding that the movie be banned because of the lies (fiction) within the film “The Da Vinci Code.”

Maybe the majority of American Christians really are outraged at the content of the new movie by Ron Howard. Maybe most of Christendom is angry that Christ is being portrayed as being less than Divine (there's nothing wrong with that). Maybe we do want to insist that sweet little Opie (Ron Howard) is a heretic for directing the movie, and that no Christian should give “one red cent” to ticket sales of such a devilish movie (others-not me).

But I suggest we take a much different approach. I believe it’s a perfect time to be a mature Christian with a strong conscience, and that it’s time we quit being suckered into the contrived hype that the media produces. It’s time we quit being sucked in by an American Christianity that teaches us that we must loudly proclaim evil at every corner, point the fingers at everyone that isn’t behaving in a biblical manner, and in turn, create an even larger separation between Christians and the unchurched, all the while driving nonbelievers even further from the search for truth.

I understand that Dan Brown, author of “The Da Vinci Code,” claims that most of what we’ve been taught about Christ is wrong. I know that the book and movie fictionally claim that Jesus was married to, and had children with, Mary Magdalene. As I listen to talk radio, I even seem to be the only one that understands that Jesus created us, and because of this He would be nothing short of an incestuous pervert having sex with His own children if He were, in fact, married to Mary Magdalene.

For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisibly, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. (Col. 1:16-17)

But as a believer in Jesus I am unafraid. God is in control, and as one who understands sovereignty I am confident that God is unafraid, also.

Instead of getting angry and reacting impulsively, complaining, or feeling good about ourselves because we’ve spotted the heretics, I believe we should see the opportunity and take advantage of it. Americans love movies, and what better time is there to discuss with our friends and neighbors a particular movie that everyone is talking about? Instead of picketing the film or telling neighbors to avoid it, I claim that we should actually see the film. Why not watch it and search for times to discuss the movie and ponder ways to naturally articulate who Jesus really is with those close to us?


Calvinist Gadfly said...

Dave, good article...appreciate it. -Alan

Anonymous said...

Not so sure about that.

Recovering said...

Dave, I wrote about this on my blog today (not as well as you did) without seeing yours. I'm in total agreement. What an awesome opporunity to share Jesus simply by starting the conversation with "Hey. You seen The Da Vinci Code yet?"

dorsey said...

The confidence that many Christians profess in the truth is betrayed by their fear of this film. They're afraid that their belief might not be strong enough.

Recovering said...

I read on Dorsey's blog (I think) this morning from one of his commentors that Rush Limbaugh's issue with the movie is if someone made a movie about your dad that was incorrect and not flattering, you'd be very offended.

Why, then, are we not totally offended by a movie that mis-portrays our Heavenly Father?

I think the difference is that Jesus/God can defend himself. I may feel the need to defend my earthly father but I think this movie, if it is as innacurate as I've been led to believe it is (still haven't seen it), leaves the only persons needing defending the author, director, actors, etc. who were a part of the project.

I pity the fools who works against God. I beleive Jesus calls me to relax, educate myself (I gotta see this movie), and try to redeem it as a golden opporunity for clarifying who Jesus is with those around me.

Dave Bussard said...

I'm not offended, because this is what the world is SUPPOSED to do. This is what the world does every minute of the day, but I'm somehow supposed to get madder when they do it on film? Funny, I've never heard of anyone being mad at those who killed Jesus. I think it’s because we can now accept that God is in control and that He made the best of that heresy. Why is it so hard to know that He's in control in such a small thing like this?

What bothers me more than anything is to hear so many genuine Christians calling in to talk shows saying that it wouldn't really change Jesus if He was married and had kids. It's too bad they lack so much understanding about their God.

Jody said...

I agree with you. Perhaps we should see it. However, I heard it is pretty bad as movies go. There was a cartoon in the San Jose Mercury Newspaper that showed a guy walking out of a theater wher "Da Vinci" was playing, and looks visibly shaken. He says, "Oh Man! How can a loving God allow such a...bad movie?"

Anyway, my husband said the same thing about possibly going to see it.

Also, thanks for your comment on my post about pre-trib.
Have you ever read Slacktivist's blog? I am not sure where he stands on other issues, but he straight up tears "Left Behind" to shreds- page by page, and it's pretty funny. His link is

Again, thanks for your kind words.

Dave Bussard said...

Yeah Jodi. I read somewhere that it should have been called Dud Vinci. But I'm also thinking this may be media hype, too. We had a local radio show get about 10 people to go see it and all but one really liked it. Honetsly, I have little interest to see it myself. But I do want to see it more than I want to see Al Gore's new movie/documentary about the global warming!

ben phen said...

this is a very poinient article - thanks for the rereshing approach

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry: you didn't do yourself any favors with this post.

It’s time we quit being sucked in by an American Christianity that teaches us that we must loudly proclaim evil at every corner, point the fingers at everyone that isn’t behaving in a biblical manner, and in turn, create an even larger separation between Christians and the unchurched, all the while driving nonbelievers even further from the search for truth.

Gee, I was enjoying reading your articles when I came across this advertisement for Laodicean compromise.

Pre-wrath Tribune and Rick Warren: being more like the world in order to win them?

It's hard to take seriously the rest of your studies when this proclamation is so clearly contrary to Scripture. (James 4:4)

"An even larger separation between the unchurched and believers"? Numerous scripture commands us to do just that: to separate, to consecrate, to sanctify. You're a bright lad: you can look them up.

And no, non-believers are not searching for the truth. Where is that written?

Jesus said it [John 15:18]: being a real Christian will turn off the world. Bet on it.

"Mature Christian."

I'll have to remember that one.

Anonymous said...

you are certainly a very good religious person. But I don't see Jesus living his life before non believers in the way that you describe it. There is a time for correction and a time for rebuke, that time is not every single time a non believer does or says something that is supposedly contrary to the kingdom.I hate to break it to you, but seekers were attracted to Jesus. The Pharisees, or religious people are the ones that had the real issues with him. you clearly live with a separatist mentality. I strongly reject that religious notion.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it.

You call "religious!" and you get to throw clear Biblical teachings of Jesus out the window--if you disagree with them.

If they make you uncomfortable.

If they call you on compromising the Gospel.

Preach another Jesus; preach another Gospel and if anyone points it out, shout "religious!" and you're okay?

So, you're winning the 'unbelievers' to this new Gospel and this other Jesus. The real Jesus will not be amused. Maybe he'll be cool with your opinion on why you preached another Jesus?

Scripture doesn't offer any hope of that, however.

That's the game much of the church is playing and the results are a weak, ineffectual, compromised, lukewarm, powerless church that looks like the world, acts like the world and talks like the world. You're right: some of the world will love it--until they don't need your Jesus 2.0 anymore.

Of course, it's no surprise: it was written that this is what the church would look like in the times we are living in.

Maybe you should pray about it?

Anonymous said...

internet guys like you are maddening and laughablel at the same time. You think you can read 2 or 3 sentences from a man and then you somehow know all about them and their view of the gospel, their view of Jesus, and their view of the world. I don't waste my time with judgemental, jump to conclusion guys like you. Feel free to have the last word, and I know you will because guys like you always gotta have the last word, but I will not be responding. Have a good time going around judging everyone for every little sentence they say or write that you think somehow defines everything about them and gives you miraculous insight into their hearts and their complete view on issues.

Dave, the guy that knows nothing of Scripture and does not understand the gospel, nor how to follow Jesus because he thinks the hype about this movie was over done.