Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Taking Tim To Task

...looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ (Titus 2:13).

“It [the pre-tribulation rapture theory] is the only view that makes ‘the blessed hope’ truly a blessed hope. Remember: Rapture teaching was given to comfort those who mourn! The threat of going through the Tribulation is hardly a doctrine of comfort to the saints (Rapture Under Attack, Tim LaHaye, p. 211).”

“If Christ does not rapture His church before the Tribulation begins, much of the hope is destroyed, and thus it becomes a blasted hope (Rapture Under Attack, Tim LaHaye, p. 69).”

LaHaye claims that Christ’s coming is a “blasted hope” if it does not take place before the “tribulation.” Tim is unaware that he has, in fact, called Christ’s coming a blasted hope. LaHaye has not only done a great disservice to the Church, he has taken God’s word a little lightly, in my opinion.

Are you sure the Left Behind books, movies, and teachings of Tim LaHaye are a good thing? Why, or why not?


Steve said...

I started the "Left Behind" series and found it to be excellent reading. I read it as it is, a novel. I haven't finished it yet, don't know if I will. Yet I have to look at Mr Lahaye as someone who has been used by God to possibly wake some people up. I understand the controversy in writing something that may not be 100% in-line with the Word of God. I do not believe in pretrib rapture, there's a much better arguement for mid-trib rapture. I have been someone who thought I had to make sure everyone has to agree with me. I was surely born again and the Holy Spirit has made things clear to me. I do not believe in eternal security as do some great preachers. Seeds will be planted by this series, and preachers alike, God will make sure those seeds be nurished. No word from God returns to him void. Yes many seeds will be trampled on by the wayside. This series may provide the great opportunity to harvest many new believers. Praise God! I know God will call many, many will call out to God. There may be an increased harvest here. God has worked many miracles in my life and God has used MANY different ways to catch my attention.

Dave Bussard said...


Does the end justify the means?

DBULL said...

I see LaHaye as more of an agent of the enemy than a brother. His books actually prepare people to be left behind....

Recovering said...

dbull - Ole!